Free REST API Debugging Tools


Think of this website as the JsFiddle for RESTful APIs.

The ApiRequest.IO website lets you send sequence of HTTP requests to an API for testing and debugging. The request/response history is saved under a unique URL for 30-days that can be shared with your teammates or when getting help on forums like Stack Overflow.

APIRequest.IO Capture, The Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension lets you capture AJAX HTTP requests/responses made to an API from many websites such as from a React single-page app.

The requests and responses are saved in a workspace for 30-days so you can share the captured JSON with teammates and resend the same requests. Think of it as the network tab from Chrome Developer Tools but on steroids. Each recorded workspace has a shareable link just like sharing a Google Doc.

Moesif CORS and Origin Changer

This Chrome extension allows you to send cross-domain requests directly from browser without receiving Cross Origin Errors. You can override the Request Origin header with this plugin and also have Access-Control-Allow-Origin set set to *.

Allows you to override on any website:
Request Headers: Origin
Response Headers: Access-Control-Allow-Origin, Access-Control-Allow-Methods, Access-Control-Allow-Headers, Access-Control-Allow-Credentials

For understanding Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), check out the Guide to CORS for REST APIs and common pitfalls.

Other free API debugging tools that are useful

  • Code Beautify has many viewer/converter tools from JSON to XML.
  • JSON PlaceHolder is a quick way to mock up a API server to test requests against.
  • BASE64 encode, decode, and sign JSON web tokens (JWT) from the browser. Easy way to quickly verify a token or its claims.
  • A free service to load test an API. Can generate random or specific JSON data to POST against an API.
  • Swagger Editor A free service to quickly verify Swagger definition schemas. Useful when debugging a new Swagger gen tool.
  • Uptime Robot Free service for pinging your API or site every 5 mins. Also provides a free status page for your customers like Moesif's Status Page.

Email us the Ajax, JSON, API or debugging related tools that you like to use. We'll list it here.

Key Updates To This Tool

  • 3/28/2017 We now supports non JSON requests calls as well.
  • 2/1/2017 We released API request capture chrome extension.

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