ApiRequest.io: a free browser-based HTTP client to send HTTP requests

This workspace will record and save API requests for 30 days with a shareable URL.


What is ApiRequest.io?

ApiRequest.io is a HTTP client to send, record, and share HTTP requests. The requests and response history will remain under the shareable URL for 30-days.
You can share links with teammates, Stack Overflow, and more.

Can I create a sequence of multiple requests?

Yes. With the delay and the add new request features, you can sequence a list of HTTP requests. Once you sequence is ready, fire them all with the "Send All" button.

Totally free? Is there a catch with my data?

We value your privacy and do not sell your data to third parties. Please read our privacy and terms of service for details. This tool is simply available to help make debugging easier and maintained by Moesif.

Can I make requests to my localhost or intranet?

Yes. HTTP Requests are made client side from your browser. As long as you can reach the host name like http://localhost:PORT from your browser, this tool will work.

I get Cross Origin/CORS Errors

Please install the CORS Chrome extension to avoid CORS issues.

What if I want to use the cURL command?

With cURL it is much harder to string a sequence of request together with timing. If you prefer to use cURL, you can use apirequest.io as a tool to generate cURL commands using the forms.


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